Cockpit Glanz (200ml)

Renews dull and weathered plastic. The plastic parts regain their original appearance and do not dry out. Prevents bothersome creaking and squeaking noises. Cares without greasing, is antistatic and dust-repellent. Good lubrication action on rubber and plastic parts, impregnates and insulates, general use. Contains silicon.
PKR 350

Intended use
On squeaking and creaking dashboards, for stiff seatbelts (spray belts on both sides). For all matt plastics such as plastic bumpers, spoilers, etc. For general interior care in automobiles.

Cockpit Bright is a high-lubricant, ageing resistant, silicone-based car care product dissolved in chlorinefree solvent which has been formulated for broad application on motor vehicles.


  • High resistance to aging
  • Good water resistance
  • Regenerates plastic
  • Insulates
  • Impregnates
  • Neutral behavior in contact with rubber and plastics
  • Good lubricating effect on rubber and plastic components
  • Optimum penetration properties
  • Prevents immediate re-contamination
  • Does not resinify or become sticky

Technical data

  • Odor: charakteristisch / characteristic
  • Base: Silikone, Tenside / silicones, surfactants
  • Propellant: Propan, Butan / propane, butane
  • Color / appearance: farblos / colourless
  • Density: 0,632 g/cm³
  • Form: aerosol, flüssig / aerosol, liquid

Areas of application
For care of dashboards, plastic coatings, bumpers, for squeaky and creaky dashboards and sluggish seat

Spray thinly onto parts to be treated from the aerosol can and after a short drying time, rub with a soft rag.

Safety suggestions
Spraying releases propane/butane and flammable solvent vapours. Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation during use and keep from sources of ignition.


All pictures shown here are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancements.

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