Fuel System Treatment (300ml)

Maintains and protects the entire fuel system from wear, deposits and corrosion. Improves engine running and prevents performance decrease. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions.
PKR 1,000

Intended use
Suitable for all gasoline engines – especially for new vehicles for preventative use. Tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers. For adding directly to the fuel tank. Can contents are sufficient for up to 75 litres fuel. Effect lasts up to 2,000 km.

Gasoline System Treatment is a highly effective combination of agents for treating and protecting all gasoline injection systems. The agents primarily contribute to protecting all the components of the fuel system from corrosion and wear as well as treating them to prevent the formation of deposits.


  • Protects fuel system against corrosion
  • Reduces residues
  • Assures an optimum mixture
  • Guarantees consistently good engine performance
  • Guarantees low pollutant emissions
  • Increases operational reliability
  • Highly economical
  • Guarantees low fuel consumption
  • Minimizes wear
  • Tested for catalytic converters

Technical data

  • Base: Wirkstoffe, Trägerflüssigkeit / agents, carrier fluid
  • Color / appearance: hellgelb / light yellow
  • Density at 15 °C: 0,804 g/cm³
  • Regulation on Flammable Liquids Class (Germany): A III
  • Flash point: 63 °C
  • Viscosity at 40 °C: <7 mm²/s
  • Form: flüssig / liquid
  • Odor: charakteristisch / characteristic

Areas of application
Used for gasoline injection systems with or without turbocharging.

For preventive maintenance, add to the fuel tank every 2,000 km. The product mixes with the fuel automatically.
The contents of one 300 ml can is sufficient for up to 75 litres of fuel.

With a long-term effect lasting around 2,000 km


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